New Coil Winding Machines – Benchtop, Multiple, Stick, Heavy Duty, LVDT, etc.

     Precision Medical Winders

      Coil Winder Rebuilds and Control Conversions – Single Axis, Multi Axis etc.

      Additional Products – Dereelers, Tensioners, Brakes, Tooling etc.

     RTD Sensor Winders

     Automation Solutions

      Control Products – MCS2, MCS6, Counters, Encoders, Motors and Motor Controls etc.   

      Coil Winder Counters

      Continues Winder

      Closed Loop Payoff Tensioners

      Dereelers & Tensioners

     Electro Guide – Closed loop wire guided traverse system

      Joystick Controlled Traverse with Reverse Bend

      LVDT Winding Machines

      Previously Owned Machines – Rebuilt, Remanufactured with Control Conversions

     Resistor / Heater Winding Machines

     Respooling Machines

      Programmable Automatic Saw

     Specially Designed Machines - "Mechatronics"

     Testimonials - from a few of our satisfied customers




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