Customer Testimonials


"Machine Control Specialist, Inc. has done a great job in providing Advanced DC Motors with winders to meet our requirements. The software is very user friendly, and the service has been great. In the past 6 years, we have had very few problems, and the problems that we have had, have been addressed promptly by MCS.

I would recommend MCS for the rebuilt machines and their software. We have purchased 2 rebuilt machines and have had 2 machines rebuilt by MCS."

Ed Bayly - Advanced DC Motors, Inc.


"MCS has rerofitted 4 of our coil winding machines with new motor drives and their MCS1 Computer controls; in some cases also machining new spindle and traverse components.  The MCS gear has been an economical and reliable remedy to our previous maintenance headaches.  In addition, the upgrades have dramatically improved productivity, and reduced operator training requirements and reduced rework.  MCS technical support has been competent and responsive.  I can recommend MCS services"

Walt Converse, Production Engineering Manager - Ritz Instrument Transformers, Inc.


"I would like to thank you for your assistance during the recent conversion of our Bachi Winding Machines. Any questions or needs that we had were responded to expeditiously. QCI is pleased with the appearance and performance of our MCS converted machines. When compared to the cost of new equipment, we feel older equipment updated with MCS controls is a real value."

Michael Thiem, Plant Manager - Quality Coils Incorporated

"I contacted MCS when we were looking to purchase a coil winder due to increased workload.  Richard and Susan came and toured our plant.  I was very impressed with the knowledge of the Coil Winding Industry that they posessed.  

We wind long narrow coils for segmented motors.  When he saw the types of coils that we were winding, Richard immediately knew that we were having tensioning issues with some of the longer coils.  He recommended a stock winder with a custom de-reeler / tensioner.  This eventually turned into a custom designed, servo controlled, de-reeling / tensioning system.  This system, while it had minor start up issues, has run flawlessly.  It has allowed us to increase the speed at which we wind coils, and has improved the wire layering on the coils.

One of the best features of the winder is the software interface.  Even with my limited programming experience, with help provided by MCS, it was very easy to get started.  As I develop more programs, it just gets easier.

One of the best things about MCS is that they are willing to work with the customer.  There were a few things that we wanted tweaked, and customized, and they were willing to do that.  When we wanted to use our own motors and drives, they customized the winder for that.  When we needed an eylet, they made one.  When we needed a little more space inside the guard for longer coils, they provided it.  When we wanted leveling feet and a slightly higher workstation, they provided it.    

Industry knowledge, custom design capabilities, and willingness to work with the customer are just some of the reasons that we chose MCS.  These are also the reasons that we have ordered another winder from them."

Craig Mossberg - Rockwell Automation

1. Increased machine accuracy
2. Faster wind times
3. Automation works excellent, less operator influence
4. Machines capacities are nearly unlimited           
5. Excellent customer service (troubleshooting, sales, quotes, etc.)            
6. Software is easy to use, works excellent in production 
7. Pictures in the software program is a excellent tool

- Anonymous

Our MCS rebuilds have provided several years of trouble free operation. The software has operated quite well and remained very stable. The employees of MCS have always been very helpful in answering our questions and providing assistance when necessary. MCS has been a great Company to work with.
Gary Hicks - Dongan Electric Mfg. Co.
"From the time we started purchasing equipment and parts from MCS, we have had a very successful business relationship.
MCS has always been very prompt when it comes to servicing our machines; their service has always been very good.  MCS's products have always been of the best quality and delivered in a timely manner.  They have a very capable sales department which understands our needs and wants and is accurate in passing along the infromation to ensure our satisfaction with our new equipment.  The customer service department is one of the best that we have worked with in the industry; most problems can simply be solved with an immediate phone call.  Not only is the department prompt, they speak in layman terms so that we can understand both the problem and the solution.
We have always enjoyed working with MCS- they are competitive in pricing and the service team is always available with an answer when we need them."
Paul and Shar Bullard - U.S. Co-Tronics

In February of this year we started operating the 12 spindle Bachi 160 winder that your company remanufactured for us.  I am pleased to report that this winder has and continues to perform well over the past six months for us and is meeting our requirements.  We originally specified a production rate of 500 pieces an hour and we are producing at about 575 per hour.  From the start of this project to the end your sales, manufacturing, and engineering team were professional and cooperative.  As you are aware we are partnering with you again to remanufacture a 12 spindle carousel winder.  Please thank all of your team members on a “job well done”. We look forward to working with you on the next project.

Dan Liesmaki, Coil Winding Production Engineer - BBP for ACS


"We have worked with MCS on an OEM process/equipment design project.  They are very innovative in their approach and have a wide range of expertise.  

MCS has excellent customer support and are very responsive to requests for equipment information, quotations and service.  They are willing and capable to tackle challenging design and manufacturing opportunities.”

- Anonymous




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