Precision Medical Coil Winders

Types include: Mandrel Winders, Mandrel Coilers, Continuous Winders, Respoolers

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Model 105DC
Direct Coiling on Liner Covered Mandrel
Model 105P-8 filar
High Production Medical Coil Winder - Fully Automatic Version
Model 105DS
Stacked Dual Spindle Medical Coil Winder
Model 105L-8 filar
Precision Variable Pitch Medical Coil Winder - Laboratory Version
Model 105-3 Multi Axis
Special Multi Axis Medical Coil Winder - for Nitinol Shaping
Model 101 Micro Coil Winder
For winding medical imaging coils with wire as fine as 58AWG

Model 105
Precision Medical Mandrel Winder
  Model 105P
Long Bed Precision Medical Mandrel Winder


Model 105DL
Dual Spindle - Fully Automatic
Long Bed - Precision Medical Mandrel Winder
  Model 105L-8
Eight Filar - Open Loop Tension
Long Bed Precision Medical Mandrel Winder
Model 107
Medical RF Antenna Winder
  Model 105B
Benchtop Mandrel Winding Machine with Closed Loop Pay Off Tensioner
Model 106
Mandrel Coiling Machine
  Model 105-8
Eight Filar - Closed Loop Tension
with bi-directional angle control
Model 130
Multi-filar Continuous Coil Winder with cut-to-length and respooling


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