Closed Loop Pay Off Tensioners & Wire Tensioners

For film, fiber, tape or wire.


MCS Dereeling and Tensioning Options


Model 1100 Tensioner

Model 1400 Fine Wire Tensioner

Model 1100H Tensioner

Model 1102 Tensioner

Model 1106 Tensioner

Model 1108 Tensioner

Model 1112 Tensioner

Model 1116 Tensioner



Model 1800HD Tensioner

Weldwire Spool Payoff Tensioner

Weldwire Dual Spool Payoff Tensioner

              Model 1320 Payoff Tensioner


MCS builds a variety of Closed Loop Pay Off Tensioners & Wire Tensioners for film, fiber, tape and wire. These tensioners are designed to hold a spool of material and rotate it with a servomotor to pay off the material while precisely matching the takeup rate. They do this while accurately maintaining a preset tension. The tensioner operates bi-directionally so slack is also taken up while maintaining a preset tension. Special brushless servomotors are used to provide high speed and very smooth operation at slow speeds.

The tensioners come in various sizes based on range of tension, spool size, spool weight and number of filars. The tension range can be from single digit grams to kilograms. Pay off spools can range from small bobbins to the full range of DIN spools, weldwire spools and even larger.

Single filar stand alone units are available that will work with either direct entry on front panel or from a reference signal from a coiling or winding machine.

Multi-filar systems are available in virtually any combination. They too will operate from a common tension setting so all units provide the same tension.

Material breakage is detected to prevent runaway. Errors are reported on the display and sent back to the coiling or winding machine.




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