Are you hand winding and pounding the wire?

Then you need the new MCS designed

 Joystick Controlled Traverse with Reverse Bend



Joystick Controlled Traverse with "Adjustable Reverse Bend"

Joystick Left-Right moves traverse Left-Right

Joystick Up-Down rotates reverse bend rollers

Applies reverse bend to wind tightly

Eliminates hand guiding the wire

Eliminates operator fatigue and injury

Eliminates pounding coils flat

Use less wire with tighter wind

Applies tension directly to wire

Reduces possibility of damaging insulation

Easily open rollers to load wire

Easily open rollers to create taps

Wire path can come from front or back

Grooved rollers help align wire

Works with round, square and rectangular wire

Works with linear pitch (screw), step pitch (incremental), or joy stick controlled pitch

Works with either lower cost MCS2 Embedded Control or full featured MCS6 PC Based Control

Available on new MCS machines and some control conversions


Typical hand winding requires the operator to hold and guide the wire while pulling back to provide winding tension. Requiring strength, stamina and very close attention. This is a recipe for disaster including poor performance, poor quality, excess scrap and most important the possibility of injury.

The new device solves all of the above issues. Having the wire held between rollers removes it entirely from the operators hand. The servomotor driven traverse can guide the wire with a variety of pitch methods. The roller position can be adjusted with a motorized drive to create reverse bend. The bend itself creates tension on the wire. All of which help to produce a tight, flat winding. The rollers can be easily reversed to open to load or remove the wire. Making it very easy to create a tap.

The new device requires the machine to have a lead screw traverse and either MCS2 or MCS6 control. The MCS controls have special software to operate the traverse and utilize the signal from the joystick to make corrections. We offer new machines with the joystick option. We can upgrade any brand and model to use the new device.


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Last Update: October 05, 2017