Model 105DS - Stacked Dual Spindle Medical Coil Winder

The Model 105DS is a new Stacked Dual Spindle Medical Coil Winder.

 This machine alternates winding on one spindle while the other is unloaded, virtually doubling production.

 Variable pitch is standard. Unlimited number of changes are easily programmed.

 This dual spindle machine uses the same footprint as our previous single spindle machines.

 The mandrel is gripped with manually operated chucks. See options.

 Regulated air pressure is used to tension the mandrel. See options.

 Closed loop tensioners are used to pay off the wire and maintain a constant tension while winding.

 A three spindle version is available.

 Control options include MCS2 Embedded Control or MCS6 PC Based Control.

 Customer may determine spindle height from floor and spacing between spindles.

 Non-contact lead/lag sensing is available for “stacked turns”.

 Air operated chucks, finished coil “push off”, programmable mandrel tension are optionally available to enhance machine performance.