Model 116U - Universal Wire Respooler

The Model 116U is specially designed for precision respooling round or flat materials such as filament, film, wire or tape typically used in medical braiding applications.

The basic machine function is paying off material from a supply spool while under regulated tension and respooling it onto a take up spool while layering it smoothly. Both the supply and take up spool can be as small as a braider bobbin up to a DIN 250 or weldwire spool. The supply spool will be mounted on an appropriate arbor on a Model 1190 closed loop payoff tensioner. The take up spool/bobbin will mount on an appropriate arbor on the respooler unit. The respooler will take up the wire at a defined respooling speed and layering pattern. During the respooling operation the wire length will be accurately measured.

Optionally the material may pass through a customer supplied laser mike, spark tester, coating process etc. This unit would be located between the standalone payoff unit and standalone take up unit.