MCS2 Embedded Coil Winder Control

High performance single board embedded motion control



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  • Hand winders
  • Bench winders (single or multi axis)
  • Stick winders
  • Multiple winders
  • Foil winders
  • Heavy duty winders
  • Pick & Place machines
  • XYZ Positioning tables
  • Coil winder control conversions

Pictures of completed machines:

Programming Features:

  • Operating Modes
    • Immediate mode - Enter data and run
    • Simple - Multi preset
    • Complex - 'Top Down' programming
  • Teach function
  • Inch or Metric resolution
  • Wind types:
    • Linear pitch
    • Orthocyclic pitch
    • Incremental or step pitch
    • Universal pitch
    • "Electro Guide" wire guided traverse
  • Intuitive instruction set
  • Programmable operator messages
  • Upload / Download to remote PC
  • English or Spanish operating mode
  • Electro Guide wire guided traverse


Standard Digital Inputs: 

  • User definable 24 Volt DC sinking inputs
  • Safety Shield/Guard input
  • Tailstock input
  • Wire break detect input
  • Foot pedal switch
  • E-Stop/Power off input

Motion Control Outputs: 

  • 12 bit DAC with 10 volt output
  • Drive enable output
  • Opto coupled PWM output
  • 2 Phase bipolar stepper motor output
  • Step & Direction for microstepping


Standard Digital Outputs: 

  • User definable 24 Volt DC sinking outputs
  • Master power relay


  • 64K-256K Battery backed user memory (Expandable)
  • 3500 Lines of 'Top Down' program
  • 256K Flash memory
  • 10 Presets 

Optional Analog Outputs 

  • (4) Hysteresis Brake Current regulators
  • (2) 0-10 Volt outputs


  • High speed RS232 serial port
  • USB high speed port
  • Optional bi-directional parallel port

Optional Analog Inputs: 

  • Variable speed foot pedal
  • Manual speed potentiometer

Computer Interface: 

  • MS-DOS Terminal Communications
  • Program Upload/Download to PC
  • Windows XP/7/10 GUI

Motion Control Inputs: 

  • High speed 3 channel encoder inputs 
  • Drive fault inputs
  • Electro Guide wire guided traverse sensor

Special Options: 


The MCS2 is a high performance control capable of controlling virtually any combination of motors used for a spindle and traverse on a coil winding machine.  The embedded control technology used in this control has been derived from the popular PC based MCS6 control used on multi-axis multi-spindle coil winding machines.

Packaging of the control is about the size of a shoe box 6.5h x 8.0w x 12d which contains the complete electronic control and power supply.  The front panel uses a large button rubber keypad to enter winding data or select programs.  A four line by 40 character LCD display is used to display winding data as well as production information.

Available traverse drive configurations provide open or closed loop operation of stepping motors as well as closed loop PID control of Brushed DC Servomotors or Brushless Servomotors.

Available spindle drive configurations provide closed loop PID control of SCR driven DC motors, Brushed DC Servomotors or Brushless Servomotors.


SCR Regenerative Spindle 

This lower cost closed loop spindle system is possible by utilizing a simple DC motor and SCR motor control.  RPM can be programmed from zero to full spindle speed.  Rotation can be bi-directional using a supplied relay to reverse the power polarity to the motor. 

Servo Spindle  

This high performance closed loop spindle system provides the finest and most accurate positioning possible.  It utilizes a PID algorithm for servo positioning.  It will operate with any Brushed or Brushless motor amplifiers.  Rotation is naturally bi-directional and speed is very accurate from 0 RPM to full spindle speed of 24,000 RPM.

Stepper Traverse

This lower cost traverse system uses a standard or microstepping motor coupled to a lead screw to drive the wire guide.  It is adequate for most medium to fine wire applications due to the relatively lower traverse speeds.  The standard configuration is open loop but an optional closed loop version uses an encoder to guarantee position.

Servo Traverse 

This high performance traverse system provides the finest and most accurate positioning possible.  It utilizes a PID algorithm for servo positioning.  Wide wire range is possible since traverse speed exceeds 400 inches per minute.  Step pitch or parallel winding is available with a servo traverse. Electro Guide option now provides programmable wire guided traverse feature.


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